Nosework Puppy

Nose Work Starter Package ($300.00): This is 5 private sessions to give you and your dog a basic understanding of how Nose Work works. Generally, in these 5 sessions, your dog will be able to start doing multiple container searches with environmental objects around as distractions. Additionally, your dog will have a firm understanding of how to conduct a proper search and to be able to properly alert the handler that a target odor has been found (paired with a reward). If you see our curriculum page of this website, "generally," the starter package will get most handlers and dogs through the first two phases of training.

Nose Work Proficient Package ($600.00): This is 10 private sessions that will give you and your dog a great understanding of Nose Work. Generally, dogs who do 10 private sessions will make it through all three phases of our training curriculum. After completion of these 10 sessions, in general, your dog will be able to conduct independent searches, acquiring, and targeting on just the odor. Then they will be able to progress to more advanced searches.

*Some dogs may rapidly excel at nose work and do even more advanced searches in the sessions and some dogs may need more sessions to complete the curriculum. Nose Work is all positive and training is conducted at your dog's learning pace for optimum results and to ensure the dog is conducting thorough and accurate searches.
Nose Work